Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 Things Friday (done on saturday)

5 Things Friday is where I post 5 things throughout the week that I liked the most, so here goes;
This was the view while sitting on the ground stretching after one of my runs this week. Aww I love fall.

This is one of my lunch meals, starting from top to bottom left to right I had watermelon, lettuce, fiber one bar, mini rice cakes, and turkey/string cheese wrap.  All for under 400 calories.

This is one of my note pages where our instructors love PowerPoint and I love printing 6 to a page on less compacted lecture days as opposed to densely covered days in which I'll print 3 to a page.  Don't forget to notice my purple water bottle, drinking water is important!

This is my dauther's choice for her homecoming dress this year and I just love the color gray and blue together.  I think it looks classy and can't wait to see her all done up!

 This is my attempt to curl my hair easier using a sock bun, and if you're interested in learning more on what I mean check this youtube video out.

What 5 things were your favorite this week?


  1. Oh my. Five? An overnight visit from my out-of-state parents. A clean house thanks to an overnight visit from my parents. A sunrise peaking between the trees and over the mountains streaking the sky with purples and pinks. Patients that captured my heart. A bike ride on a perfect fall day with my most-loved other half. Where's the 'that was easy' button?

  2. Oh Debbie I love this interaction, what a fun week you had. I especially like the idea of a bike ride with your most-loved other half! Thanks for playing along!

  3. on the whole power points thing... ALL my instructors use them. SO, i have learned (after a year of printing them out) to print out the "outline" version of them. totally saves on paper and i have much more space to write things. its easy to do on the newest windows version, but i don't even know how to do it if its not the newest.
    this is about all i have time for to blog too.
    i get you on the whole not having time to blog with school.

  4. Hi Misty,
    Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the tip on printing the outline. I'll have to look into that. So I see you're in your senior year of nursing school, when do you graduate?

    1. i graduate in may. i'm only going for my associates. but who knows... maybe one day i'll go for my BSN.

    2. Sweet we graduate at the same time, how awesome is that? Don't downplay the "only" when going for your associates, that's a lot of hard work, girl you earned that!

  5. I started to curl my hair using only the sock bun technique, and its gorgous!!! When i let it down on sunday morning to church, i get alot of compliments about my hair. I barely use the iron for my hair-only for my bangs:)