Friday, March 16, 2012

Next Stop, Spring Break

Hello all, today I took my second exam in one of my foundational classes and scored the lowest yet 66.5%.  To say that I’m devastated doesn’t even come close.  The content included renal, liver, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and epilepsy.  I totally rocked the stroke, tbi, and epilepsy, but the renal and liver overtook me.  It goes back to my struggles with intercellular processes; I just don’t understand that stuff as well as I should.  I wanted to become a nurse to help people but slowly I keep realizing that the help comes in the form of knowing my cellular levels and lab values more than my desire to empathize with my patients...or so it seems.  I’ve made an appointment with one of my instructors for advice and maybe some helpful study tips.

Looking forward my spring break is next week and I’m super thrilled!  
We’re leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa so the hubs and I can escape to a cottage in northern Wisconsin.  No TV.  No kids.  No snow, just beautiful weather.  There’s a sauna and whirlpool for relaxing, and walking trails overlooking a river.  I’ll be taking lovely nature pictures so you all can see our views.  What are we to do with ourselves…I’ll update you all when I get back. 


  1. I feel your pain... cellular level is tough. It's probably the hardest part for me too. I didn't seem to get alot of it in the first two semesters of nursing school, but if Micro, Chemistry, & Pathophys. are any indicators I imagine it will rear it's ugly head again in the last two semesters of nursing school for me. Chin up! Enjoy your spring break...I am spending mine studying for a midterm in Patho,suffering with a bad shoulder and working... beats the time I had swine flu during spring break though :P

  2. Aww, sorry about your exam, but it happens to the best of us! Keep your chin up. I think meeting with the professor is a good idea. He or she might have some good tips for remembering the stuff that you're struggling with. Interestingly, I became more of an audio learner in med. school, when all my life I was a visual learner. If I repeat things out loud now, or say it out loud with a study partner, I remember it better. My study partners and I also make up stories about what we're studying to remember it.

  3. I'm sorry about your test, it totally sucks!! Like Red I too am an audio learner. It REALLY helps me to explain it to someone else b/c then I remember it. But alas, I too struggle with the cellular stuff, I just can't get my brain to think that small!! Don't stress too much b/c I know you can do it!!

  4. Sorry about the exam!! You will get through it. Enjoy your time school, no nice!

  5. hope you had a good spring break!!
    stinks about those grades..nursing IS HARD!! i used to listen to nursing tapes while driving back and forth to class or work...definitley helped me..
    good luck!!!!

  6. Christine - cellular level IS tough and had I not taken A&P during the summer in an accelerated course maybe more of it would have stuck. Note to the wise, slow down and really know your cells and actions of the body!!! I’ll send out prayers for your path midterm.

    Red - I’ll have to try your audio learning skills out loud to myself. Something’s got to work better for me.

    Candi - My only problem is no one wants to hear me explain it to them. So I guess I’ll just talk to the wall, haha.

    Dana – I’ve had a wonderful spring break thanks!

    Momto8 – Hummm, listen to nursing tapes while in the car…genius!! I’ll have to look into that.