Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fish Fry at the Bowling Alley

Love the carpeting

Today is the end of my first six weeks for the current semester and we don’t have any more clinical to attend until next semester. I’m excited to have my Tuesday and Wednesday’s open to study more for the remainder of the semester.  These first six weeks have been difficult not in the way that they’ve been too hard, but just time consuming with a lot of busy work.

What better way to end the week than to go eat fish fry at the bowling alley with one of my hubby’s besties.  This dinner date was exactly what I needed to let my hair down and relax, and although I didn’t eat fish fry I had a great Caesar salad wrap with fries.  Here we are before we left.

We decided to come back to the house because the bowling alley was having some kind of Leprechaun party and the volume level was getting too loud.  Here we are at home and I was able to get a little more comfortable for the night.  Just one more week until Spring Break woo hoo!!!

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  1. Oh dude I didn't know you were done! Congrats! Now you won't have homework hanging over your head when you come!