Friday, April 15, 2011

Store Credit

Back in 2000, my husband bought me a tennis bracelet that was very beautiful.  Love you honey!  Unfortunately my clumsiness had it in the repair shop one too many times.  A few weeks ago, I decided to ask the jeweler what my options were because of the multiple repair problems and now I have STORE CREDIT!$$!

My ears are sensitive or allergic to cheap metal but I've never had fine jewelry to put in them so I'm leery to start now.
I'd love to buy a new ring preferably with a garnet colored stone on a simple band because I love the color.
For sure though I'll be browsing the necklaces, I want something I can wear every day that looks feminine on a thin chain.  Below are some pictures of some preliminary options.  I'm driving out of town at the end of April to pick it out, but I'm not even sure this is what I'm looking for. 

What do you people think?

Who couldn't use a good "mother/child" necklace

Kinda looks like a vine or waterfall of beauty

Who couldn't use a nice opal necklace


  1. I love the mother child one....has a lot of meaning, and i like the diamond .... :)

  2. I vote for #2! I love the flow that it has, as well as the two different colored stones.

  3. I like number 2 :)

    My own personal perception, but I always associate large opals with older women. (Probably because my grandmother is covered in them lol)

    Anyway, number two is pretty!

  4. Thank you for all your voting, I'll be at the jewelry store on the 30th and I'll make an updated post of what I chose with my store credit.