Friday, April 22, 2011


My love affair with my fellow co-student has become too much.  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by her to the point of being smothered.  Every time I start having a conversation with another student, she cozies right up to me and will ask what’s going on and what are we talking about.  She’ll call and text me frequently and seems possessive of me.  She likes to sit next to me in every class and at first I found this flattering, but then lately within the past two weeks I’ve been annoyed. 
Now I know I’m a class act (someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence), but this is too much even for me.  Has anyone ever seen that movie Fatal Attraction, well this situation is kind of like that but instead of an affair, it started as an innocent infatuation and there’s no girl/boy relationship it’s just two girls, and there’s no sex… so maybe this isn’t so similar.  Hahaha but you get what I mean right?

Monday after Easter we have off of school to observe a furlough day.  That means no lecture, no clinical, and no work!!!  I’m going to party like a rock star on EASTER (this won’t consist much more than watching a movie and junking out in front of the TV since I attended church last night) but it will feel like a mini-vacation to me. 
(Look for an upcoming post regarding the meaning of Easter to me.)

Lastly I have a phone interview scheduled Monday at 1100 for Extraordinary Hospital for a coveted CNA position.  So keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I can get my foot in the door with being offered this position.  In the city where I live there is only one hospital for miles around and competition is very stiff for said cherished CNA jobs.  My fellow nursing students are being advised to get a CNA job because after graduation Extraordinary Hospital hires new grads who are already employed there first.  This is a positive step because I’ve applied to over 10 CNA jobs already without being called for one of them. 
Plus my chances of staying living in this city, employed as a nurse, depends on if I get a job at Extraordinary Hospital.  Otherwise my chances grow drastically of moving down to Texas, where I may have a better chance of being employed with a wider job market.


  1. The thing that working as a CNA also does for you is - it gets you used to working with improves your organizational skills and hones the assessment skills....and that will make you more comfortable in the hospital environment. Also one less thing to worry about when you get working as an RN

    The best part is it gets your foot in the door. Good luck to you and i have my fingers crossed!

  2. I'm not good with the clingy friends either! I hate when people want to be together ALL THE TIME. I can't do it!

    My brother-in-law also worked as a CNA, while finishing up his nursing degree. I think he liked it and yes, he did end up getting a full-time job at the same hospital where he was previously working. Good luck!

  3. good luck!!! with the CNA position and the smothering friend. creepy!

  4. Good luck with the CNA job! Maybe you should rent "The Roomate" for your partying-like-a-rockstar; I think it's kinda like Fatal Attraction but it stars Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. I want to see it too.

  5. The way you talk about her I can't tell who is more infatuated with the other girl, you or her?

  6. CC – Thanks for crossing your fingers for me. I use to work as a CNA about 10 years ago, but I seemed to have lost some of my comfort around patients. However I’m sure my comfort will come back to me as soon as I’m doing more patient care. I hope I get a chance to work as a CNA before I become a nurse.

    Red – This girl isn’t so bad, but on the younger side and possibly in need of some friends. She can be great at times, but I feel like she has worn out her welcome. Thanks for the luck.

    CJ – Super creepy and thanks.

    Pollyanna – I’ve been meaning to rent that movie “The Roommate” but usually watch movies during my non-school time of the year. Tonight is special movie time with me and the kids, hopefully I can find something interesting for all three of us.

    NPO – I totally was more infatuated with her at first, but now that the shoe is on the other foot I don’t like it. Note-to-self don’t smother new friends because it could bite me in the butt in the long run.

  7. She sounds, well, young. And scared.

    Good luck with your interview!

    PS: There are worse places on the planet than Texas. ;)

  8. Tread lightly, we've all been that girl before! Even you need I say more, you know what I'm talking about. I didn't hear about the CNA thing! Girl! Good luck though I wish you would have said something.

  9. Good luck!!! I hope you get the job!

    And for what it's worth, Texas isn't so great on the job market either. It's tough out there everywhere.