Friday, April 8, 2011

Relaxation where have you gone?

See full size imageOnce upon a long time ago I use to read novels while I walked a mile to work, before choosing to go back to school.  My enjoyment was to escape in reading for true relaxation.  Although I knew what it meant to live a busy life, I moderately definitely knew how to relax. 

Today has been a whirlwind with activity.  The students in my class started in the skills lab with two events needing to be accomplished before noon.
1)      Do a head-to-toe assessment on the simman, while the instructor watched us cover each area of the body while listening to abnormal heart and lung sounds.  This wasn’t graded but we went in groups of four and it took nearly an hour and fifteen minutes per group. 
2)      We also had to get checked off on our abdomen, musculoskeletal, and neurological exams in groups of two, which for my partner and I took about 15 minutes per group.  However each group took FOREVER to thoroughly complete their assessments so when it was my partner and my turn we didn’t start until 1140. 

My partner and I were the last group to get checked off for assessments, and then we raced downstairs for lecture.  Thankfully I ate my lunch around 1030, so I wasn’t starving.  But I didn’t really have a moment to collect my thoughts like I usually get during lunch.
At 1400 lecture was over and optionally we were asked to stay an extra hour for an exam review.

When that was finished I walked to my car, briefly enjoying the sunshine and warm temperature and then drove to work.  I got to my work and ran to the bathroom, switched out of my sweatpants and threw on my jeans and got to my desk and started working. 
I’m scheduled to work until 2030 tonight, and I just had my second break for the day about thirty minutes ago. 
To say this day has been one of the longest days of my life would be nearly correct, yet in the back of my mind I can’t stop thinking about the upcoming exam I reviewed for today.  

Lastly as I sit and write this entry out I wonder if I’ll ever truly feel relaxation again…?


  1. Phew I'm tired just reading your blog!

  2. Let me tell you when you'll feel relaxation again- once you graduate from Nursing school. ;) Or during summer if you're not taking any classes. And thanks for your words of encouragement. I passed my lab final pass off. :)