Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lazy Summer Fun

This summer has been a blast so far!  My hubby and I went to a Twins game on Father's Day weekend in Minneapolis.  This was my first time at the new Target Field stadium and it was fantastically beautiful.  Just look at the view of downtown.

 My hubby's friend works for the Twins and got us special permission to walk in designated areas where most of the public cannot go.  Unfortunately I missed the photo-op of the glorious Twins World Series trophy's from 1987 and 1991 wins.  Instead I took a picture of the field below.
 Prior to leaving I had to schedule some "me" time and respectively got a pedicure.  My toes have to look good in my sandals!

Can't forget the awesome lunch with my mother at Champs Restaruant, we both are wearing our new bracelets.
 Last but not least my son learned how to play chess, and here we are together trying hard to play (keep in mind I have no idea how to play, too many rules).
Here's hoping all of your summer plans are fun memories you're making.


  1. I love that bracelet Rach! I also love that Trev learned chess from us!

  2. Thanks, and Trevor loves Chess. Thanks for giving us your glass board, and thanks to DJ for teaching Trevor how to play.