Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Update

Sorry I’ve been absent from my writing lately, but I’ve been full-time busy with work.  I don’t have a set schedule so some days I’m working 12 hour shifts from 0630-1830, and other times I’m working overnights from 1830-0630.  Some weeks I’m working three days in a row and other weeks I’m working every other day.  Either way I’m feeling overwhelmed and slightly worried for when I become a nurse in less than a year, will I be able to handle a schedule like the one I’ve been working?  There are times I walk off my unit at the hospital and feel like I can’t take another step just to get to my car.  The job is so physically demanding and my back, feet, and shoulders kill me by the end of each day.  Not to forget to mention that I feel slightly incoherent after my shift because I think I’ve used all of my brain cells.  Hahahaha.

Speaking of brain cells being used up, I’ve started my summer online class last Monday and so far so good.  It’s an Alcohol and Drug class and the first week’s readings covered the history of substance abuse problems in American history.  Very intriguing and when it comes time with posting my comments for our discussions, I have absolutely no problems finding information to draw from with my past.  I’m a little concerned with the four tests we’ll have because they’re timed and most information is coming from the book.  Maybe the trick will be to find the book online and that way it’ll be easier to find answers in a pinch instead of the rigorous amounts of reading that’s expected. 

Nursing classes don’t start up again until September, and I’m enjoying my summer as much as I can, despite my fluctuating schedule.


  1. Your post is the EXACT reason why I never wanted to be a nursing nurse, lol. I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be a nurse practitioner and that back breaking feeling you're experiencing is the EXACT reason. It's probably good that you're using all your brain cells though :)

  2. Oh the secrets I can share now that I wished someone shared with me four years ago. Take care of your back and feet! Raise that bed--12 hours of bending to listen to heart, lungs, and belly or push a medication lead to oh-my-back. When you get home, FEET UP! Even in bed, place a pillow under your legs. Make time for YOU. Husband, children, and friends ARE important and keep you sane. Sanity is a good thing :-)

  3. Candi - I agree my posting is the exact reason I wouldn't want to be a floor nurse, BUT we must persevere because floor nurses are needed and we need experience, am I right or am I right??

    Debbie - Thanks for reminding me to put my feet up and raise the bed! I'm thinking about purchasing the fancy pantyhose/socks/ted hose for my legs. I think these are supposed to help, but I haven't looked into them much.