Saturday, May 26, 2012

Scrubs and Shoes

Have you ever asked yourself where you could buy your favorite pair of scrubs on-line?  Yet all the while, knowing they’ll look great because of the well-known brand you always purchase is something you can count on such as Dickies, Koi, Healing Hands, or Cherokee?  Have you also thought it sure would be nice if I could buy work shoes on this same website?  Well I have the answer to both your questions with one easy website

Recently I was asked to review a pair of nursing shoes from, and the type of shoe I chose was a pair of Dansko Professional Black Tooled in size 40 (that’s approximately a US size 8).  I was advised from co-workers to slowly build up my time in these shoes.  I look forward to wearing these Dansko shoes for a long time because of how well they are made.

Like I’m able to trust Dansko shoes to give me the comfort I need, I also trust to bring me the best affordable price on scrubs in all the brands I love, with easy on-line ordering and a quick turnaround.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Down and One To Go

Yesterday I took one of my two finals to end this semester.  So far here's the breakdown on my unofficial grades:
2 credit Clinical = A-
2 credit Expanded Experience in SD = A
2 credit Teaching Apprentice = A
2 credit OB course = B
and the only class I have left is my last foundational class and that's scheduled for tomorrow. 
Better get to cracking my books open and get to studying!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Calm Before Finals Storm

Sunday my hubby and I went out to eat in a mine! Well it wasn't really a mine but it sure looked like one. Here are a few pictures.
Once we got into the restaurant, there were hand built rock formations all over the place.  It was a fun setting.
 The interior of the restaurant mimicked the look of this menu cover to the T.
 This looks to be a rust covered mining excavator...perfect photo op.
 One of the hubby with more of the falling down building in the background.
 My lunch consisted of a sandwich called the Miss Piggy that had a blend of four melted cheese on sourdough bread with sliced ham, and a baked potato.  Yum, I even saved leftovers for today.

First Day on the Birth Center
Saturday was my first day on the birth center (BC) and I was simply frightened.  I didn’t know what to expect other than to see babies and mommies.  My shift was from 0630-1830, I met my preceptor and we got report on 8 babies in the nursery 4 of which needed initial baths.  Those same 4 needed hearing checks, and photos. I watched my preceptor with the first bath and then I got to give one.  Man it’s been a long time since I held little ones.  I need to tone up my forearms especially to be able to wash their hair over a sink.   The hearing screening consisted of three sticker probes one on the baby’s forehead, nape of neck, and shoulder, along with plastic cups over each ear.  Sometimes the hearing test goes quickly within 10 minutes and sometimes it takes longer.  It’s best to check their hearing while they’re sleeping yet babies can be so finicky that they may not stay sleeping hence a longer screening.  There is also a photo studio with props and reminds me of Anne Geddes style photos.  There was so much going on; I didn’t sit down until after 1300.

After lunch a mom came and was taken to L&D #1, I didn’t hear how far along she was when she came in, but in about an hour later she was “rimming”.  I’m thinking that’s pretty close because a little while later my preceptor and I were called into the room to help assist the doctor and nurses.  I hung back as far as possible (out of the way), but before I knew I was asked to get different things for the doctor including sutures, a different gauge needle, and other various items.  The mom was so tired and the dad was so supportive and comforting.  In a matter of a few pushes the baby came out without a hitch and I was so thrilled for witnessing another miracle.

All the while we were helping in L&D #1, another mom came in and was put in L&D#2 but was discharged before we got out of #1.  Go figure, she wasn’t ready yet, and because it was the weekend and after 2pm the housecleaning staff wasn’t working anymore, so my preceptor and I cleaned up #2 top to bottom.

Before you know it my time was up, the only two things I know for sure is that I need a different pair of shoes being on my feet that long AND that I love my job.  12 hours flew by and I was so happy I learned so much.  I made the right decision when I accepted this job!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Head-To-Toe Assessment in Less Than 20 Minutes Guide

Tomorrow is the big head-to-toe check off for the sophomore students and I was asked to offer any help that I could to better organize their check lists.  Each student will be given a scenario where a patient is being seen in the hospital for one reason or another and each student is supposed to perform a head-to-toe assessment including focusing on  three areas that are most concerning regarding the patient.  All of this has to happen in less than 20 minutes.

So I scoured the internet looking for resources and I came across this gem:
This is where I found it:  An Easy Guide to Head To Toe Assessment page 5
Of course I recreated the document with a different body in the middle, but you get this gist.
I hope this helps some students just starting out in their programs.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Motivation

I have no motivation to study for finals and here's my proof:
view from the garage

neighbor's treetops

my hot pink shoes on the gravel driveway

The day is too gorgeous to miss by being inside, so I'll catch up listening to my church's message I missed on Sunday. 

What are you doing today?

Unexpected Greatness: 5K, Hair, and Gold Medal

Last Saturday was a busy one for my family, the day started off with my daughter skedaddling to her State French competition for school where the bus picked her up curb side from our home at 5:30am.  Yikes, I’m glad my daughter was ready to go so that I didn’t have to walk outside and embarrass her friends with my morning beauty.  I told her to have a good time and speak the best French ever.  Then I came back in and went to bed for about 45 minutes only to be woken up by my hubby’s Guns and Roses alarm reminding me that we had a 5K to get ready for.

The morning was raining/sleeting and the temperature was 35 degrees, not the best running weather but after the first mile we were in the woods and out of the direct elements.  As much as I love to run/walk, up until this day I’ve never been able to manage running the entire 3.1 miles before without stopping.  I don’t really know what came over me, besides maybe the blessing God gave me with the new job but I just kept thinking run, run, run, and don’t stop.  So I didn’t and I came across the finish line 8 minutes faster than my usual pace.  I broke my goal for the end of summer in my first race of the year!  Felt good!  My hubby is a machine and finished 7 minutes earlier than me, and was waiting at the finish line to give me a hug!  Our son entered the 1 mile race and we were all happy campers when it was over.

Later that afternoon, my hubby had his annual banquet for work at a local hotel.  I really wanted to look nice with a new outfit and being a poor college student, I headed to the thrift store and picked up this blouse by Sam and Max $3.50, earrings $1.99, and tank top by St. John's Bay $1.50 worn over a black skirt by George $3.50. 
I’ve also been watching a lot of youtube videos on how to style my hair by a brilliant stylist that goes by the name of K8bryan, look her up, she does the best tutorials on hair, you can also visit her blog called the small things blog.  Kate did a tutorial of a “Knotty or Nice” look where you actually wrap your hair in a couple knots and a few bobby pins and this is the result:
I put in two knots and a little bun

After our time together, my hubby went to do his DJ thing while I stayed home watching a movie with my son.  My daughter came home a little later and with great pleasure I’m glad to say she won a gold medal for her outstanding job well done in her state championship competition.  Way to go girl!!

Gold feels good

New Job Announcement
As I said in the past, “as one door closes another door opens” and my other door is leading me, to my area of interest, after I graduate nursing school…aka…the world of Obstetrics.  It was a few months back, where I wrote about my clinical time for a day on the birthing center.  What I didn’t write about, was how I called the nurse manager of the department and told her how impressed I was of their unit and how I’d love to be a part of the birth center’s team.  She was quite surprised and said “no student has ever said that before”.   This made me blush because if there’s anything I’ve learned in my short amount of time on this earth, it is to not waste a good moment, if you like something speak up and declare it!! 

Shortly thereafter I got a call from the scheduling manager and was asked to talk to her regarding a casual position coming open soon.  I headed up to her office and sat for about ½ hour just shooting the breeze and didn’t feel like I was being interviewed.  Instead I just let her know my current work history at the hospital on the med/surg. floor as a CNA and about nursing schooling etc. etc.  She made notes and told me she would call me the minute the job became available in a few weeks, to which, I was doing a happy dance inside my head.

About two weeks ago, guess what??  You guessed it; I got a call from the OB manager for an official interview.  After the interview was over I was told that I’d hear back either way by
"early the following week".  Now “early the following week” to me, means Monday, so when Monday came and went I started freaking out.  But before I could freak out too much, Tuesday morning the HR Rep. called to offer me the position.  I gladly accepted and jumped for joy in my living room!  My wheels started turning about all the exciting things I’ll be able to see and experience.  If the birth center is truly where I want to begin my nursing career after I graduate, then what a great opportunity to get a job there a whole year in advance…right?? 

Speaking of a new job, you wouldn’t possibly think that I could continue both, my other two jobs and continue being a full-time student right?  That’s right; I had to quit one of my other jobs.  Unfortunately I put in my notice to my clinic job that I’ve been at for the past four years.  The most loved job I’ve ever had in my entire life.  The work was exciting and manageable, and my relationship with my co-workers was outstanding, but in order to make new decisions for my future as a nurse, I had to let go of the one job that was a great stepping stone along my path. 

Common theme here people would be food
My clinic job threw me a party with cake (that my boss decorated) and goodies along with some flowers and a card signed by everyone.    The hardest thing is letting go of something I know like the back of my hand with confidence and entering into a world of the unknown with babies and mommies.  I have no doubt I’ll make new friends and learn the job eventually but making grown-up decisions isn’t always easy even for this grown-up.  

Anyone else having to make hard decisions with employment recently?