Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alert: Headache Prayer Request

I'm asking for a prayer of healing for a nasty headache that I can't seem to shake.

Ever since I returned home from my trip to SD I've had the nastiest, massive headache known to man! I caught a cold last Thursday from a co-student on our trip and I thought it was a sinus issue.

However after reading more about where the pain is located I figured it may have more to do with migraines. The pain comes and goes when it pleases, no amount of pain meds actually get rid of the pain fully, I feel like there is a vice-grip squeezing my head to a pulp, it's solely located on the right side of my brain, sometimes I feel like I'm going to die from the amount of pain or just pass out or cry.

I've never felt this intense pain before, well other than the time I had nerve pain directly related to a tooth that needed a root canal, but even then it didn't last this long.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and thoughts, something’s got to give because I feel like I'm going to die, ahhhhhh!


  1. Go to the doctor!! And of course you have my prayers.

  2. Feel better soon!! Praying the headache goes away quickly!

  3. Irina and Christine - Thanks for your prayers. I did get it checked out, but they think its caused by my sinus'. I wish it would just go away already. The doc gave me an rx for antibiotics but I fear it's viral and antibiotics won't help. It'll just have to go away on its own, time will tell.

    Dana - Thanks for your prayers!

  4. next time you get one, try decongestants. I feel your pain, I get migraines all the time. The worst one was five days duration. We have Mersyndol up can buy it over the counter without an's really helpful for migraines. Buy some when you are up here, but careful! It's got tylenol in it (and codeine and an old antihistamine -same one as in diclectin, a medication we give pregnant women for nausea) so don't overdo it. I always take it with dramamine and sleep it off with ice and pressure on my head. :(