Thursday, June 30, 2011

S'More Granola Bars

First let me start by saying thank you to everyone who listens to me rant and vent on this blog.  I seem to sound like a helpless individual at times who whines a lot.  So I decided to take a break from complaining to write about something I enjoy, which is baking.
My son has his last day of tennis today and I asked him what kind of snack did he want me to make, and he said something chocolaty with marshmallows.  So I did a search for a dessert with that description and came upon the recipe girl who had just the treat - S'More Granola Bars- and after seeing a few of her pictures I thought that maybe I could make it too.

This first picture is of the oats prior to toasting in the oven.  Yum, I guess it's important to NOT use the quick cooking oats, but the old fashioned ones instead.

Toasted Oats
This is a picture of the Rice Krispies that I actually ended up adding more of later on.

Rice Krispies

This picture is of the butter I melted and it's only a half stick, but I added another half to equal a whole later on to make the batch bigger.

This picture is of the toasted oats and Rice Krispies mixed together.
Oats and Krispies

This picture is of the marshmallows not quite melted, I chose to change up the recipe a bit because I didn't have corn syrup, so I followed the original Rice Krispie recipe instead.

Lumpy Marshmallows
This picture is of the smooth and creamy marshmallows and it ended up looking like frosting.

Creamy Mallows

This picture is after I combined all the wet and dry ingredients and pressed them down in my baking sheet .  I ended up spraying Pam Non-Stick cooking spray on the back of my 1 C measuring cup and smoothed and pressed it down successfully. 

This picture is after I spread the top layer of marshmallows and chocolate chips evenly on top of the pressed mixture.

I tried to evenly spread the marshmallows and chips
Next, the recipe called to flatten the marshmallows because when you put it in the oven the marshmallows fluff up again.  So I used another baking sheet and sprayed Pam over the back so they wouldn't stick.
press hard
Then I put it in the oven on the low Broil setting just long enough to brown the marshmallows, don't over bake them or they'll burn.

I could have left it in longer but was worried they would burn
Voil√† here is the finished product, please excuse my low lighting of my kitchen in these photos.  I finished them last night and they were a hit in my house.  I shared one with my neighbor and she liked them too.


  1. Yum, I feel hungry just looking at them!

  2. It was super yummy NPO, thanks for the compliment. You're gonna make a batch of them tonight, aren't you? If you do, make sure to blog pictures of your process too.

  3. wow, that looks dang dangerous!! Heather over at Nursapalooza